TraxComm Edge & Smart Data Centres Pioneering a new standard in fully distributed, resilient and SDN network for business innovation and transformation

IT Infrastructure Evolution and Data Centre Operation

Over the past 15 years, the IT infrastructure has evolved from a centralized mainframe model to a more distributed one. Yet many data centres worldwide are still operated in the traditional model, which requires considerable manual provisioning, configuration, patching, release management, and compliance. Do you still believe that manual control and operation of data centre resources will be enough for the fast-evolving IT technologies and business need?

Limitations of Traditional Data Centres

  • Lack of Automatization to enable fast authorized access to the right resources (applications, servers, storage), or the complex and costly installation for scaling up data centre resources.
  • Lack of Intelligence to process all data and convert them into useful insight.
  • Lack of Interconnection with trillion of intelligent objects (IoT devices) and the data produced.
  • Massive Energy Consumption has critically impacted the environment in many countries and intensified global carbon footprint.

TraxComm Edge & Smart Data Centres

TraxComm’s TX Data Centres have pioneered in Edge & Smart Data Centre operations, featuring a fully distributed and resilient network, as well as an advanced Software-Defined Network (SDN), enabling your organisation to leverage IT information for business innovation and transformation.

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