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As a wholesale focused telecommunication company, we rely on our partners to take charge of the retail side of our business. We welcome companies that package our network service into their solutions and having customers who are not our direct customers to become our partners. Examples are IT solutions providers, cloud service providers, and system integrators serving different vertical industries.

Benefits of partnering with TraxComm are as follows

  • Access to network services provided upon a secure and reliable tunnel fibre network
  • Special pricing exclusively for partners
  • Streamlined organization structure for efficient and effective response

From time to time, TraxComm provides a variety of pilot and partnership programs. We also welcome interested companies to partner with us on tailored one-off or ongoing win-win initiatives. If you have a business idea which requires a partner in Hong Kong with telecommunication expertise, please feel free to contact us by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!

TraxComm has a number of pilot and partnership programs for potential partners with different business interest.

DCI Pilot Program

SDN Pilot Program

If you want to become a TraxComm partner now, please click here.

Partner Programs

“We want partners who are always looking for new ways to do more business.”

DCI Pilot Program

TraxComm has started a pilot run on Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) service. DCI provides GE / 10GE point-to-multipoint bandwidth connection between data centres. As a neutral telecom service provider, TraxComm has access to most data centres in Hong Kong.

If your customers require direct connection to public cloud services, or between primary and secondary sites, or access to peering services, our DCI services will be handy for you to package total solutions for them. We support multipoint configuration for applications requiring aggregation or splitting of traffic or access to multiple sites.

We welcome partners who have enterprise customers in different vertical industries, or internet content or service providers requiring robust multi-site platforms to deliver their services, or providers of any other applications requiring DCI. Please contact us by clicking here.

SDN Pilot Program

SDN stands for Software-defined Networking. In a nutshell, SDN means end-to-end control of network equipment and connections through software applications. SDN is instrumental in achieving digitalisation and automation of the business processes of any telecom service provider, internet service provider, data centre operator, or enterprise with a sizeable private network.

TraxComm started an SDN pilot in late 2019 with the help of an SDN platform provider. Partners joining this pilot program will have access to the TraxComm SDN Portal by clicking here and can place orders for DCI (Data Centre Interconnect) services online at the portal. Partners can track order status and monitor subscribed ports and connections using the Portal anytime and anywhere.

DCIs ordered on the TraxComm SDN Portal can have a speed of as low as 1Mbps up to 10Gbps in steps. Partners can upgrade the speed anytime using the Portal. More services and features will be added to the Portal over time.

Interested companies please contact us by clicking here.

Other Partner Programs

TraxComm has other partner programs, including resale of Metro-Ethernet and Broadband services. We also welcome ideas from potential partners on tailor-made plans. Please contact us by clicking here.

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