TraxComm Continue to Leads Data Centre Solutions Through the Tier 3+ Next-Generation Facilities Collaborative

Despite the similar functionality of traditional and next-generation data centres, next-generation data centres employ more advanced technology to enable higher efficiency and better performance. 

Data Centre Tiers of next-generation DC are an international ranking system that indicates the reliability of data centre infrastructure. TraxComm’s TX01 DC facilities in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate fully complies with the TIA-942 Tier 3+ international standard, which determines the facility level primarily based on: 

  • Multiple paths for power, cooling, and systems in place to update and maintain it without taking it offline;
  • Expected uptime of 99.982% (1.6 hours of downtime annually);
  • N+1 fault tolerant providing at least 72-hour power outage protection

Our Tier 3+, carrier-neutral data halls are also ISO certified for their multiple paths for power and cooling, and redundant systems, including ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27001, CSA Star, FISC, GB50174-2018 and HKSAR Government’s Level II Security Guidelines

With such exceptionally reliable data centre facilities, we, at TraxComm strive to ensure security and business continuity of mission-critical operations across multiple industries such as banking & finance institutions, telecom carriers, private enterprises and the public sector with greater flexibility and lower costs.

Due to the surging demand for our advanced data centre facilities, TraxComm will be launching additional capacity of our Tier 3+ infrastructure soon! Please stay tuned for more updates on the development.

Meanwhile, please contact the TraxComm Team for booking or site tour of our Tier 3+ data centre facilities.