TraxComm Customer Satisfaction Survey of 2022

After wrapping up the fruitful year of 2022, the customer satisfaction survey of TraxComm has been released. Let us review upon our performance as a highlight of the past year. 

Our Overall Satisfaction level in 2022 was 5.07 compared to that of 5.18 in 2021 with accordance to our 6 points scale system. Despite seeing a minor decrement, the current score remains higher than that of 2020 and did not deviate from its up-trend.

On the other hand, TraxComm has seen considerable improvements in other aspects. For instance, satisfaction with TraxComm’s Sales Personnel has improved in all 3 metrics. Namely, Response TimeService knowledgeFriendliness and Politeness. With our service knowledge rating saw the most substantial improvement from 5.15 in 2021 to 5.26 in 2022, owing to the committed efforts of our colleagues.

Infographic showing TraxComm's customer satisfaction survey results for 2022.
TraxComm’s customer satisfaction survey results for 2022 are in! While the overall satisfaction level saw a minor decrement, TraxComm has made considerable improvements in other aspects such as sales personnel satisfaction. The infographic showcases the survey results and highlights TraxComm’s commitment to improving its services based on customer feedback.

Thank you for all your precious feedback, they are immensely crucial for the betterment of TraxComm and we promise to continue the endeavor to improve our service in 2023!