TraxComm’s Green Data Centre

TraxComm's Green Data Centre
TraxComm’s Green Data Centre Sustainability


Importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in Data Centres

In recent years, the number of data centres has increased significantly following the exponential growth of data generated to support the proliferation of mobile phones and the Internet, which has led to one-fold increase in the amount of energy data centres use every four years.

In fact, data centres collectively account for 3-4% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, urging the attention of governments and societies to data centre sustainability relating to energy and water efficiency initiatives and the use of renewables.

Data centre investors and operators are now more focused than ever on meeting their ESG strategy and complying with an increasingly complex ESG-focused regulatory regime, while the real estate industry plays a leading role in the ambitious pledge of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

Data Centres Now and the Future

Data centres consume 1% of all electricity used nowadays and could account for 13% of global electricity consumption by 2030. While enormous amounts of water are often used in cooling and the generation of non-renewable electricity.

Looking ahead, to be more sustainable and socially responsible is the topmost priority for data centres in the next two years. Reducing power consumption, minimising waste, and relying more on renewable energy sources are the key initiatives enterprises and data centre operators are adopting to advance on their green journey.

Sustainable Data Centre Models Adopting Innovative Technologies

The innovative Floating Data Centre Park in the land-scarce Singapore powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) is designed to reduce carbon footprint. Being at sea also offers the potential to use seawater for cooling.

Google’s first-of-its-kind AI-in-charge cooling system to reduce data centre energy consumption is another advanced energy efficiency model. Adopting AI and Machine Learning technologies have enabled Siemens and Huawei to minimise data centre operational faults and network failures.

TraxComm’s TX01 Green Data Centre

As an environmentally and socially responsible company, TraxComm has spared no efforts in ensuring sustainability in designing and building our data centre facilities. Our TX01 Green Data Centre has attained the LEED Gold Standard, a globally recognized symbol of highest sustainability achievement and leadership. With our fully distributed resilience DCI network, you can place your racks in any data centre(s) to form a cluster with TX01 and achieve the goals of energy efficiency and infrastructure resilience. We are committed to exploring and adopting the latest technologies and innovations for ongoing improvement on energy efficiency to further reduce carbon footprint.

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