TraxComm Offsite Meeting – How Can We Serve You Better in 2020

TraxComm has rung in the new year with our all-staff offsite meeting held in early January at an exclusive private club in Hong Kong. As a long-time tradition and good practice at TraxComm, our offsite meeting is held at a different location every year, purpose of which is not only for annual review and team building in an undisturbed environment, but also to inspire fresh ideas and passion for continual improvements.

Hosted by TraxComm Managing Director Kenneth Lau, every staff member was given the opportunity to showcase his or her achievements in 2019 and discuss upcoming plans for 2020 during the one-day meeting.

Despite the different expertise and responsibilities of our staff, we are all geared towards one goal – which is to serve our customers better and exceed their expectations. A strong customer orientation is the one key objective we have concertedly strived to achieve.

Group discussions covered topics ranging from corporate strategy, sales and marketing, customer service, network expansion and resilience, security, partnerships to new services in the pipeline.

At the end of the meeting, Kenneth concluded: “It was again another fruitful and informative offsite meeting. We have definitely generated a lot of interesting ideas and mapped out our vision together.”