TraxComm Launched Carrier-Grade Free Wi-Fi on MTR Network

What is carrier-grade Wi-Fi? How is it different from household Wi-Fi? Carrier-grade Wi-Fi enables operators to scale up and massively increase the number of Wi-Fi access points.

TraxComm has recently launched carrier-grade Wi-Fi service with the introduction of free Wi-Fi in MTR. This marked the first time local commuters and tourists can enjoy the convenience of carrier-grade free Wi-Fi service, allowing users to access Wi-Fi from all hotspots available in MTR concourses and platforms.

Key Benefits of MTR Free Wi-Fi by TraxComm
For travellers, free Wi-Fi service means that there is no need to pay for the expensive data roaming charges for their mobile communications at MTR stations.

For passengers, free Wi-Fi at MTR serves as an alternative for “SIMless” mobile devices, such as, Smart watches, notebooks, E-book readers, etc., to connect to the internet.

TraxComm’s “2ES” Advantages in Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Stable Connectivity. With extensive experience in operating carrier-grade infrastructure, TraxComm maintains stable connectivity for achieving optimal user experience.
  • Save Your Data Traffic. With TraxComm’s Wi-Fi coverage, commuters no longer need to use their paid mobile data while waiting for trains on platforms or visiting MTR shops at the concourses.
  • Easy to Access: Wi-Fi coverage is available on concourses and platforms across most MTR stations. (*Wi-Fi service for Hin Keng Station, Kai Tak Station, Diamond Hill Station, and Tuen Ma Line platform will be launched in September 2020.)
  • Easy to Connect (3 Steps):
    1. Connect to the SSID:”MTR Free Wi-Fi” network.
    2. Launch your internet browser and login MTR Free Wi-Fi Service page.
    3. Click the “Agree and Connect” button to acknowledge the Terms of Use of the Service.
With TraxComm, you can now enjoy our unparalleled carrier-grade Wi-Fi service in MTR.