Introducing TraxComm Data Centre Taskforce

Redundancy and resilience are often being used in describing data centre services although there is a key difference between the two: Redundancy is about capacity of certain IT resources or equipment, but resilience is about the infrastructure as a whole being able to provide continuous service when unexpected events occur. Our goal is to provide highly resilient network and data centre solutions to make sure your services are protected against any unexpected downtime.

At TraxComm, we design our data centre service with one simple objective – business continuity for our customers. TraxComm has the experience in building and operating fixed telecommunications networks since 2003. By combining our unparalleled network reliability, our highly trained personnel and a full range of premium fixed network and data centre solutions, our customers can focus on running their business without worrying about the safety and availability of their data and services.

TraxComm Certified Data Centre Professionals
What is CDCP®? CDCP personnel are pivotal in enhancing the competence of operation and business development, therefore building customers’ trust in the data centre facilities they choose. All TraxComm Data Centre professionals have been accredited by a well-known Dutch accreditation body EXIN and are acting as our Data Centre Taskforce. So, rest assured and let our qualified CDCPs take good care of your data!  Following Mr. Jonathan Shea’s departure to pursue other interests, Mr. Frank Ip has recently joined our Data Centre Taskforce as the newest member. With his extensive background in technologies and vast experience in the ICT industry, Frank will help to strengthen the strategies of our Data Centre Business.