Stay Positive and Adaptive amid COVID-19

Despite the fact that COVID-19 is changing the way we live and work, we at TraxComm have taken a positive stance amidst the challenging times. The disruptions brought about by the pandemic have inspired us to reimagine what is possible to develop staff continuously and deliver services digitally.

We have been holding internal training regularly for all staff, on topics ranging from business to technology. Even during the outbreak of COVID-19, a Cloud Training program was conducted online, not to mention the numerous external professional training and seminars our individual staffs have attended over the past year. In fact, TraxComm staff have each achieved an average 49 hours of training in 2019!

Moreover, we have organised a variety of team building activities in the past, all of which were aimed at building trust, encouraging communication and facilitating collaboration.

Although team building activities may not be possible this year, yet we believe that the spirit of collaboration nurtured from the past activities could help us stay positive and strong.

We could fight against COVID-19 together!