Thrive with TraxComm in the 5G Era

I would like to shed light on how TraxComm enables the latest applications giving you competitive advantages in the 5G Era.

The recent deployment of 5G networks will lead to widespread adoption of advanced Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications.

For the Education industry, AR projects a layer of educational content on top of the real world, while VR simulates a digital learning environment to eliminate the learning boundaries for students with disabilities.

As for the Healthcare community, AR/VR enables medical experts across the world to handle complex or unfamiliar cases in real-time and 3D virtual environment. Precision of the surgeon’s judgement is therefore markedly improved.

At TraxComm, our wholesale-focused, professionally managed network offers low-latency and high bandwidth, which are critical to smooth, real-time AR/VR streaming for optimal user experiences.

For mobile carriers, TraxComm’s ultra-low latency and high bandwidth infrastructure for 5G mobile backhaul maximises bandwidth usage efficiency, thus delivering unprecedented, dynamic and compelling AR/VR experiences.

As 5G for AR/VR continues to evolve, TraxComm’s stable and dynamic network infrastructure is no doubt indispensable to the success of these sought-after applications for various industries.

Kenneth LAU
Managing Director
TraxComm Limited