TraxComm Sales Director Peter Lok To Retire

Mr. Peter Lok, Sales Director of TraxComm is retiring after 18 years of extraordinary contributions to our company. Joined TraxComm in 2003 as Head of Network Engineering and Operations, Peter has been instrumental in building the foundation of TraxComm’s major Fibre, Transportation and Data Networks. Since assuming the Sales Director position in 2018, Peter has been pivotal in growing our client base and increasing sales volume together with Ms. Mandy Szeto who leads another sales team.

Peter’s tenure at TraxComm has been a well-rounded career development, ranging from engineering, strategic development, sales to tremendous exposures to different areas of expertise.

Peter will be remembered fondly by us all for his open and direct management style, his eagerness to share his view and experience with others, and moreover, his unique style of humour and ingenuity in making his points. No doubt he was also deeply impressed with TraxComm’s company culture of being innovative, vibrant, and professional, which has made his career most rewarding and at the same time upholding the company’s competitive edge.

“Our excellent culture and traditions like themed annual dinners and off-site team building activities have indeed made vibrancy felt often. TraxComm’s colleagues all strive to be top-notch industry professionals who are keen to be successful both for the company and at a personal level. Our new initiatives know no boundaries, making us one of the most innovative companies in the industry,” Peter reflected proudly.

We sincerely wish Peter all the best in his well-deserved retirement and thank him once again for his dedication, contributions and commitment to TraxComm.