TraxComm Dashboard – Your Operations Reassured

I am Eric Chau, Head of Engineering at TraxComm. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the “TraxComm Dashboard” to you.

The three key parameters displayed give you an idea of our service performance: 1) Total Cable Length of TraxComm Network, 2) Service Availability, and 3) Subscribed Bandwidth.

1) Total Cable Length – TraxComm continues to expand its network to meet current and future customer needs. With our strong optical fibre infrastructure along MTR tunnels and railway tracks, we have robust connections to most data centres in Hong Kong.

2) Service Availability – Our pledge is to achieve 99.995% service availability, which is better than the industry norm. We achieve this by building network diversity and the higher reliability of the optical fibres inside tunnels, which are not subject to disruption by roadworks.

Most of us understand that 100% availability is almost impossible to achieve. Service disruptions do happen in real life. At TraxComm, our priority is to minimise the likelihood of disruption and the time to restore service. Recently, some of our fibre cables were accidentally severed by workers in construction sites in Tseung Kwan O and Chai Wan, causing service outages to several customers. Our rescue teams were immediately dispatched on-site to divert services and repair the damaged cables. Hence, the inconvenience caused was minimised and service was restored within hours. Subsequently, the construction sites are closely monitored to avoid mishap from happening.

3) Subscribed Bandwidth – In addition to the physical network coverage, we also ensure our network capacity continues to expand to meet future demands, as customer applications are already leveraging more on the latest technologies, such as 5G, AI, VR/AR, big data, all of which require larger bandwidth and lower latency.

“TraxComm Dashboard” is not only intended to track our performance in meeting your expectation, but also serves as an indicator of our ongoing network enhancement. That is why you can feel at ease with our services, as we are committed to fulfilling your current and future requirements, which are pivotal in achieving your strategic business objectives.

Eric Chau
Head of Engineering
TraxComm Limited